About Us

Leap Forward

As experts in organizational and individual leadership development, Leap Consulting Services is dedicated to helping our clients optimize the performance of their organizations, executives and teams; successfully leaping forward to significant growth.

  • Do you want to help your people lead and manage more effectively?
  • Do your leaders and managers have what they need to drive results in the face of complexity, change and diversity?
  • Do you want to develop an on-boarding process that drives the best in your managers and leaders?
  • Would helping your leaders and managers drive engagement and results in the face of complexity, change, diversity help your bottom line?


We help you leap forward to Exponential growth.


Our Focus:

  1. Providing 360-degree feedback and state of the art assessments on your present level of effectiveness while also giving you the tools and strategies to optimize potential and results.
  2. Giving guidance around the most important behaviors for change that will improve leadership effectiveness, talent management, organizational development and workplace innovation
  3.  Listening to ideas, and help you make the changes that will help you and your people drive improved results and significant growth.
  4. Optimizing talent with exceptional executive coaching, leadership training, talent management and development customized to fit your organization
  5.  Giving you the support, guidance and follow up that unlocks significant growth


Our Guiding Principles:

Integrity: We are dedicated to the optimization of our clients’ leadership potential and results.  Our functionality of expertise helps us help our clients LEAP forward in a new and rapidly changing global marketplace.

Excellence: Leaders are change-makers who can align strategic thought/objectives with the ability to empower and engage the best in themselves and their people.

Results: Our client’s experience as the status quo; our programs are customized to fit the needs, strengths and challenges of each client.


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