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“Navigational Conversations” 2-Day Workshop


“Navigational  Conversations” 2-Day Workshop

As our flag-ship workshop, the Navigational Conversations™ program is a proven, straight forward and highly effective 2-day workshop designed to help leaders unlock human potential and engagement in others.

Navigational Coaching is about guiding & developing vs. telling. The “Navigational Conversations™” program equips leaders with easy-to-apply tools that guide others toward success, toward greater levels of job satisfaction and toward higher levels of personal and professional potential. The “navigation” analogy clarifies and illuminates core coaching principles and process in a way that is both enjoyable and memorable.

After this Navigational Conversations workshop Leaders will:
• Be equipped to coach & develop vs. direct others to enhance clarity, engagement and results;
• Know how & when to apply the 6 most common and effective leadership styles, including coaching;
• Be equipped to apply a simple 5-step coaching model in day-to-day leadership;
• Explore & maximize greater effectiveness from the “art of telling”;
• Have a simple model of providing feedback in ways that accelerate clarity & development;
• Have a simple model for use when dealing with conflict;
• Know who to develop, and when;
• Use a proven foundation of communication with fellow team members, clients and partners.

Day 1

Coaching Mindset and Coaching Principles

  • The Five Functions of Navigational Conversations
  • The Six Guiding Principles of Navigational Conversations
  • The Navigational Conversations Model
  • The Art of Conscious Listening
  • The Art of the Question Part 1

The learning objectives for day one will be for participants to learn the coaching mindset and The Navigational Conversations principles that turn workplace conversations into coaching conversations. Deciding who to coach and shifting to the coaching mindset will also be covered.

Day 2
The Art of the Question and Deepening the Coaching Conversation Model

  • The Art of the Question Part 2
  • The Navigational Conversations Model in Depth
  • The Art of Telling
  • Integrating Feedback into the Coaching Conversation Model

The learning objectives for day two will be for participants to continue advancing the art of the question and deepening the coaching conversation model.  Mastering the art of telling, including feedback conversations, providing positive feedback, corrective feedback, and providing perspective, and knowing how to share wisdom wisely will also be covered. Participants will be immersed in the coaching experience and will be provided tools to use immediately after the workshop.

Here are video link to testimony from past program attendees.


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