Influential Conversations



"Influential Conversations" 1-Day Workshop


Turn Your Adversaries into Allies Through Influential Conversations

Influence is a skill that can be learned...and it’s a skill that is critical to effective leadership.

Influential Conversations is a high-impact one-day workshop where organizational leaders learn how to be more influential in their interactions with others

Why You Need This Program

  • Leaders in your organization want to have greater influence with clients, colleagues, subordinates, and senior management.
  • Influence is a more effective approach than relying on positional authority to get things done.
  • You live in a world of cross-functional teams and “flat” power structures where influence is critical to achieving goals.
  • Your organization is going through a significant change and you want everyone on board with the new direction.
  • Influence is like lubricant in a fine machine. It makes everything easier—with less friction and resistance.

Who Should Attend

This program is designed specifically for organizational leaders interested in becoming more influential in their daily interactions with others.

The material is as suitable for senior leaders as it is for individuals assuming a leadership role for the first time.

What Participants Learn

  • How to map networks of influence and identify key points of leverage.
  • Four approaches to initiating change in others and the advantages and disadvantages of each.
  • The key to the influential mindset.
  • Five major principles of influential conversations and the strategies that support them.
  • A structure for conducting an influential conversation.
  • The role of likeability in influence and how to be more likeable.
  • How to plan an influential conversation.

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