Inaugural the “First 100 Days” Master Class in Istanbul, Turkey

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Inaugural the First 100 Days Master Class in Istanbul


Canadian based Leap Consulting Services, headed by Nissrine Ghannoum and the Saudi Leaders Development Center will inaugurate the “First 100 Days” Master Class in Istanbul, Turkey on June 8th, 2014. This state-of-the-art Executive onboarding program is designed by Robert Hargrove, best-selling author of “Your First 100 Days in a New Executive Job” and former Director of the Harvard Leadership Research Project.  

The Master Class is designed specifically for leaders who are about to, or who have already taken on, a new executive role. Participants will benefit especially from creating their own 100 Day action plan that will enable them to add massive value to their organizations, whether operationally, through individual coaching, or both.

Harvard Business School reported that 25% of the leaders in any Fortune 500 firm are in transition and 40% of newly installed leaders are out the door in 18 months. Those statistics tell us that as an executive, there could be times when you move out during your career. Research elsewhere has concluded that the need for training during this critical period is increasing.

Typically, it’s during the First or Next 100 days that any leader in a senior position, whether they’re the President, Prime Minister, Chief Executive, or member of the board, has the greatest need to make his or her mark. Therefore they have a window of opportunity during which they can add a tremendous amount of value to their organization if they’re prepared to do so. Unfortunately, few executives are.

The Middle East in particular is going through enormous changes both politically and economically. Old governments are giving way to new ones. Many of the countries in this region are beginning to trade with the West on an unprecedented scale. Consequently the need for effective leaders – those who can engage those governments and broker deals with their largest companies – is greater than ever.

Perhaps the most important skill that business leaders in the Middle East should learn is how to manage people. It’s something that continues to elude many senior executives because they refuse to adapt their traditional rules, methods, and customs according to the expectations in these new markets. Too often many leaders, no matter what part of the world they’re in, tend to rely on the leadership style that has always worked for them in the past. But, in order to experience success in the wider marketplace, flexibility and agility are necessary.

In The “First 100 Days” Master Class you’ll learn 10 critical success strategies that you need in order to create a high performance culture that produces growth in revenue and long-term profitability. You’ll create your own 100 day action plan that’s based on your specific needs, and you’ll receive a one-on-one follow-up coaching call from Robert Hargrove after the Master Class has concluded.

This is the first time that such a program has been made available to leaders in the Middle East. If you want to steal the march on your counterparts or competitors, then you’ll want to attend this Master Class. Not only will you learn the cutting edge principles needed to help you make the most of your First or Next 100 days, but you’ll be able to meet other leaders in some of the largest Middle Eastern companies – an added bonus that results from attending such events.

The Master Class will run from June 8th to 10th, 2014 and will be held at the Gorrion Hotel in Istanbul, Turkey.

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